Todd Hohenstein

Todd Hohenstein works alone in his Ely, Minnesota, studio creating unique, yet functional glassware. Highstone Glassworks was founded in 2006 when Todd was “downsized” from the high school science department. He has found glassblowing to be the perfect blend of “art” and “science” – of “physically active” and yet “thoughtful.”

Each piece is hand-blown from 2000 degree Fahrenheit molten glass. Todd works with a wide range of color combinations to give each bowl, vase, hanging orb, soap pumper, or oil lamp, its own character. Much of his inspiration for color combinations and shapes is from the natural beauty that surrounds us in northeastern Minnesota. Though he is back to teaching full time now, he loves to get into his studio hot shop weekly to both create and to teach glassblowing classes. He often emphasizes the process of glassblowing more than the end result, as it is a very active art form.