Shaun Chosa

Shaun Chosa, born in 1966, is a self-described “mild-mannered Art Director by day, a Multi-Media Art Provocateur/Wildman by night.”

A prime mover in the local art scene, Shaun is one of Ely’s more politically and philosophically outspoken artists. Shaun currently is working on public art shows including “Art in the Park,” “Mask Making for Kids,” “Giant Puppets on Parade,” a future public mural project, and “Panini Puppeteers.” He is the founder of the Ely Art Group.

Some of his most intense artistic passion is focused on pen and ink work and acrylic painting. Shaun is also an avid photographer of the beautiful human face and very much into tribal wood carving and culture.

Most recently Shaun has successfully moved into the art education arena, teaching several pen and ink classes at Vermilion Community College, thus inspiring others to create and find harmony with their artistic intuitions. Shaun currently lives in Ely year round with his mellow cat Moustapha and rowdy dog Taj.

Shaun and “The Panini Puppeteers.”

Contact Shaun via or write him at P.O. Box 135, Ely, MN 55731.