Nancy Scheibe

Nancy Scheibe is a multi medium artist and author living in the Ely area. Her work is in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and clay. Nancy was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1954 the third of eight children. She is primarily self taught, but attended the School of the Associated Arts for one semester, and experienced a few classes at Atelier Lack School of Art in Minneapolis where she polished her technical skills.
Nancy acquired a Bachelors Degree in Communication and Counseling Psychology at Metro State University in St. Paul. She used her art to heal from an abusive relationship, then combined it with her counseling background and wrote her first book Women’s Experience Coloring Book: A Playful Journey In Healing and Hope.
In 2004, turning 50 was a new page in her life. She began an expedition kayaking the Mississippi River to gather women’s wisdom. Dividing the river into three sections she wrote and illustrated her experiences in her books, Water Women Wisdom, Voices from the Upper Mississippi; Ripples Of Wisdom: A Journey Through Mud and Truth; and Waves Of Wisdom, Grace, Guts and Gators on the Lower Mississippi.
Nancy illustrated several children’s books: Willie Walleye; Underwater Adventures by Dr. Z, Loon and Moon and other Animal Stories by Kevin Straus, The Hottest Day by Lynnette A. Murray-Gibson, Pidgy, Blazer & Me by Doug Scheibe, The Magical Adventures of Clara the Cleaning Lady; Clara Meets Mr. Twiddles by Lynnette A. Murray-Gibson, and Harry’s Heavy Suitcase by A Crew of Two- Marcia & Flossie.
Nancy’s artwork is on display at The Front Porch Coffee & Tea Co., which she and her husband opened in Elywhere they live in the woods. For the past eleven years she has taken part in the Ely Winter Festival as a professional carver in the Snow Sculpture Symposium.
“Self expression is essential for a full life. Self expressions provides opportunities to communicate, heal, learn, connect with each other, connect with our own spirits and experience joy. It is my hope my work touches your heart, challenges you to think or see things from a new perspective or simply brings a smile to your face.”