Jim Brandenburg

Jim Brandenburg, Ely photographer

Jim Brandenburg

Minnesota photographer Jim Brandenburg has worked as a photographer with National Geographic Magazine for over 25 years resulting in 19 magazine stories, several television features and over 19 books. His National Geographic feature, “North Woods Journal” was, according to Editor William Allen, “the most photographs the magazine has ever published in one feature in its entire history and by the way, using the least amount of film.” The bestseller, Chased by the Light elaborated on Brandenburg’s experiences during the 90 days.

Other Brandenburg publications include Looking for the Summer, Brother Wolf, White Wolf, Minnesota Images of Home. He has also published the young adult books To the Top of the World, Scruffy, An American Safari, Sand and Fog.

Jim’s photographs have won a multitude of prestigious national and international awards. He was twice name “Magazine Photographer of the Year” by the National Press Photographer’s Association (NPPA) as well as “Kodak Wildlife Photographer of the Year” by the Natural History Museum – London and BBC Wildlife Magazine. He was also named a Hasselblad Master and Nikon Legend Behind the Lens.

Jim was the recipient of the World Achievement Award from the UN Environmental Programme in Stockholm, Sweden. The award was presented to him by Sweden’s King Gustaf in recognition of his “using nature photography to raise public awareness for the environment.”

Jim has done assignment work and has been published in numerous national and international publications including The New York Times, Life, Time, Audubon, Smithsonian, Natural History, Geo, Modern Maturity, BBC Wildlife, National Woldlife, Photo Inside, Photo District News, Outside.

Jim was commissioned by the United States Postal Service to photograph and design a set of ten wildlife stamps in 1981 that were included in the exhibit “Graphic Design in America,” which toured the US and England.

Jim’s work has been featured on all the major television networks as well as National Public Radio and Television. He produced, directed and was cinematographer of the National Geographic/BBC documentary “White Wolf,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Jim and his wife Judy live outside of Ely and has a gallery on Sheridan Street in Ely, Minnesota as well as Luverne, Minnesota. Visit his website at www.jimbrandenburg.com.