Jesse Ellerbroek

Jesse Ellerbroek graduated from Minnesota State University in Mankato.

Sculpture has been his main focus to date, with works consisting of a variety of mediums including ceramics, stone, and wood. For the past six years he has also taken part in the Ely Winter Festival as a professional carver in the Snow Sculpture Symposium.

More about Jesse at the Black Lantern Studio webpages.

Jesse says:

I have considered why we, as humans, have an interest and desire to create things of relative beauty, interest, and function. I have concluded that this is due to the fact that we are created in the image of God. God has designed and created an infinitely complex universe full of beauty and wonders beyond our imagination.

When I take a moment to examine even the smallest of organisms, or the relationships between an organism and its environment, I find no reason to doubt that an incredibly intelligent creator is responsible.

As an artist, I find that my desire to create is directly fueled by an appreciation for the beauty of creation in all of its forms and immensity.

My primary goal as an artist is to exercise my vision and how I perceive all that I encounter. My next goal, then, is to translate these perceptions in a creative manner such that the viewer is required to think about a certain aspect of reality that they might not have considered.

The wonderful thing is that everyone as an individual will respond to these things in their own unique way, each bringing to the experience their own feelings, thoughts, and perceptions. This multiplied complexity points back to that which inspires me to work and live as an artist.

It is my hope that these endeavors serve to bring further glory to the Creator and his creation.