Jeanni Burgwald

Born in the beautiful lake country of Northern Minnesota, Jeanni Burgwald attended school in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and enjoyed a long professional career in sales and marketing for the healthcare industry.

She has always found the pursuit of artistic endeavors to be a great stress reliever. Her paintings are inspired by nature, the changing of the seasons and the beauty to be found in changes of the landscape. Using traditional techniques, she attempts to capture the mood and activity of the seasons in her oil paintings. The play of light and shadows, the reflections of trees and objects on water, the movement of water, as well as the beautiful colors and textures found in nature are what appeal to her most, expressed expertly in her paintings.

“The last painting completed is usually ‘the favorite,’ but the learning process goes on indefinitely.  I continue to learn from the work of other artists and many different instructors from the Midwest and the East Coast that I have been fortunate to work with. I continue to take oil painting classes and workshops in an effort to enhance and improve the quality of my work.”

“In June 2008, husband Peter and I opened a small studio near our cabin on Lake Vermilion in Northern Minnesota. A Summer Art Project was developed offering oil and acrylic painting classes for adults of all experience levels. Classes are now offered three mornings a week June to September. Details are available at

Art Studies

Jeanni has studied with many fine artists, including JoAnn Lizio, Doug Flynt, Frank Federico, Ruth Brandt, Richard Kirk, Renee Rey and Miles Laventhall.

She is an active member of the Art League of Bonita Springs, Florida since 2000. Jeanni’s paintings have been displayed in galleries and art exhibits in Florida, Wisconsin and Minnesota.