Heidi Pinkerton

How connected to Earth can you be…does the aurora borealis speak to you in sound as well as color?  It speaks to Heidi Pinkerton, nature and wildlife photographer, and, like a skilled translator, she shares it with us…through the lens of her camera.

Heidi currently lives in the North Woods of Minnesota with her husband and best friend, Tom.  For the past seven years, she has been dedicated to making images that celebrate aspects of nature.  She is an avid hiker and camper who loves her dogs and in her own words…chooses to be happy.

“The camera is more of an extension of me:  my way of capturing moments in time. Glimpses into the lives of animals I encounter. I do not feel like I am behind the camera at all, but actually sharing a natural space with the critter,” remarks Heidi when asked how she feels about the tool of her trade.  “Mushrooms, butterflies, ground covers or the bright green spider that looks like it has been injected with neon…all of these things coax me to make an image, capture that moment in time, and make me feel a part of my surroundings.”

Heidi Pinkerton is not just an individual taking pictures of animals.  She is a human being who understands and lives the interconnectedness of the planet.  She is honored to live in one of the few places in the United States where wolves have never been exterminated. “When you compare their composure, the rhythm of their movement, and their actions to those who have been recently transplanted, you can see a distinct difference. Our wolves have been here for generation upon generation. They know the land, they have made it their own, and when you look into their eyes you can almost see their stories. They have experienced more than we could ever imagine. They are so tuned into the world around them, they create the balance.”

Taking a picture is to see the image as interpreted in the mind of the artist.  The frozen breaths of a chickadee on a cold winter day are but window into the great communal tapestry that is Earth.

Heidi’s work may be seen at www.rootriverphotography.com where you can view her gallery and purchase her fine art products.