Ely Arts & Heritage Center

Ely Arts & Heritage Center Logo2013Ely Greenstone¬† Public Art, as managers of the City of Ely’s Pioneer Mine complex,¬† is creating the Ely Arts & Heritage Center. The Pioneer Mine complex is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Miners Dry and Shaft House were restored in the 1990s but require some present-day work on lighting, security and repairs. The Captains Dry building needs to be stabilized immediately and estimates to restore that building are $1.5 million. When completed the Captain’s Dry will be able to be used for offices, classrooms and studio space.

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Miners Memorial

To honor the men who gave their lives to extract the needed iron ore to build America in time of peace and time of war, a Miners Memorial is being planned for the historic Pioneer Mine site. It will be located near the Shaft House, across the road from Grand Ely Lodge. Thus far over 200 names of men who died in the Ely area mines have been found.

Greenstone has received permission from the City of Ely to place the memorial at the Pioneer Mine Complex. Sculptor Mike Sinesio will be designing a sculpture to for the memorial. When the design for the memorial is completed, engineers will be required to create the plan for the foundation of the structure. A bronze sculpture of a miner will be an integral part of the piece when completed.

Ely Greenstone Public Art kicked off the fundraising efforts by donating $500 toward the project in a dedicated account at the Ely Area Credit Union, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to the project.

The Pioneer Mine site, on the National Register of Historic Places, has attracted interest throughout the years and has been undergoing repairs partially funded by grants. Greenstone has been using the Miners Dry building and the Shaft House for art displays and shows since 2007. In 2011 it added historical displays in the SHaft House at 401 North Pioneer Road.

In 2011 Ely Greenstone Public Art were designated managers by the City of Ely and use the complex as the Ely Arts & Heritage Center.

Please contribute. All your donations are tax deductible. Donation forms which allow individuals to memorialize a family member are available online. Download the form here.Miners Memorial brochure (PDF)

While the form suggests donations from $25 to $5,000, any amount is welcome. If students or a classroom want to take it on as a project, nickles and dimes will be appreciated as well.